Post Up On Your Right Leg For Pure Contact Like Vaughn Taylor

Is your golf swing getting too long and out of control?  Watch us break down the swing of Vaughn Taylor and show you how he creates a compact and effective golf swing that results in repetitive and pure ball striking.

One of the key moves between you and a tour player is that a tour player like Vaughn Taylor creates a locked in and perfectly loaded back swing position every single time.  You can achieve this position by thinking of your right leg as a mailbox post that stabilizes your golf swing.    If you can learn to shift your weight into the right leg and hold a strong position, you will automatically restrict your back swing and prevent over-rotation.


Chuck Quinton

is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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