Rickie Fowler Swing Changes Shows You How Elevating Your Arms Will Boost Up Your Speed

New Video: Rickie Fowler – Swing changes
Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification

“Mr. Quinton truly understands the Kinesiology aspect of our bodies and how to apply the proper technique to the golf swing. Thank you all so much for your continued dedication to the advancement of this wonderful sport.”

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Rickie Fowler swing changes for more speed in golf

Congratulations to Rickie Fowler for winning the 2015 Players Championship and claiming his second PGA Tour victory.

In this new video, I’ll show you how one big change early on in Rickie’s swing allows him to get into a more powerful position at the top and also a much better position to release the club.

If you want more speed and more efficiency, then check out this awesome swing change now!

Rickie Fowler swing change

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