Struggle with weight shift and lag in the golf swing? Struggle no more!

New Video: The Frisbee Drill (PREMIUM)
By Chuck Quinton, RST Founder

Worldwide growing success from a brand new premium member…”I have found RotarySwing to be of huge value with the analysis and the drills. It is so obvious! The weight transfer is intuitive, not a forced or contrived feeling. Very natural and very powerful. Thanks RST!” – Robert K

See how easy it is to get tons of lag in the golf swing

If you struggle with weight shift and creating lag in your swing, this new premium video will help you learn the natural motion of the weight shift in the golf swing with one simple drill.

I’ll show you how 3 different students were able to build a crazy amount of lag in their swings in just 5 minutes! You’ll learn what has been causing you to throw away precious speed in your swing and more importantly, you will see just how easy it is to fix.

I will show you how a simple drill with a frisbee will get you shifting your weight and creating more MONSTER LAG than you ever thought possible!

Get more speed and control than ever before by learning how to properly sequence your golf swing.

get more lag in the golf swing

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