The FIRST Fundamental Of Golf – Are You Lead Or Trail Side Dominant?

It’s the first fundamental of golf. Most people who pick up a club, have no clue at all if they are a lead side or trail side dominant golfer. If you listen to Tiger Woods and Ernie Els talk about what they’re “feeling” in their golf swing, you’ll hear two totally different thought patterns. But they’re both major championship winners so how could they be so different when it comes to what they’re feeling?

You’ll hear Ernie talk about how he wants to feel his left arm and shaft just dropping at the start of transition. There’s no doubt that Ernie has one of the most fluid tempos of anyone who’s ever played the game. But then you hear Tiger talk about how he connects everything to the movement of his right hand. Confusion at its finest because how do you know which one you should be feeling? What you just read is a prime example on why listening to advice from tour pro’s and even some golf coaches can feel like the most confusing thing on the planet at times.

Two Different Pathways For The Golf Swing

Two different major winners describe their golf swings in completely different ways. How do you know which is right? More specifically, how do you know which is right for YOU? The most challenging part of becoming a good golfer, is weeding through the countless hours of information. Then you have to try and figure out if it’s going to help or hurt your game. The problem is, most golfers just don’t know!

At the end of the day, it’s really not your fault. In plain English, think of it like this. If you’re a right-handed player, you wouldn’t use a left-handed set of clubs and expect to play well would you? That would make no sense whatsoever. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what so many do when they have no clue if they’re lead or trail side dominant. Not knowing if the information you’re using was designed for your natural swing style is doing yourself an injustice.

Yes, there’s more than one way to swing a club. As a matter of fact, there’s two basic ways. Some information may be helpful if it’s designed for YOUR natural swing style. However, if it was designed for a different style, you can bet confusion and frustration aren’t far behind. There can be a laundry list of people saying how great a certain golf tip is, but it’s only helpful to YOU if it’s in line with your natural swing style.

Going back to Tiger and Ernie and how they talked about two different feelings. The difference is, they know what style works for them and everything they work on is geared towards that style. That’s why is broken into two different pathways AND it’s the only place that you’ll see it.

RotarySwing Two Pathways

The First Fundamental of Golf

There’s a Lead side dominant pattern and a Trail side dominant pattern. Which one are you? Well that’s exactly why you’re here! It’s crucial for you to know which one you are if you want to build your game on a solid foundation. If not, you’re going to be running on the hamster wheel for as long as you play the game. It won’t matter how hard you work at it. It’s not just a fundamental, it’s THE fundamental. Get it wrong and you’ll spend the rest of your time searching for that one magic tip that will fix your golf game. But it won’t.

We’ve created a quick interactive quiz that was designed to tell you which pattern is right for you! This way you KNOW which pathway you should follow and get instant relief knowing you’re working on things specific to your natural swing style. It’s fast and easy and will allow you to see near instant results once you start working on this specific to your type of golf swing. There’s no point in hitting one more range ball until you know which style best fits you, it’s a waste of time. Nobody likes to waste time.

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Chuck Quinton

is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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