The Tiger Drill: 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking Finale (Day 9)

You Can Work the Golf Ball Like Tiger or Hogan

In the final installment of the 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking series, you’ll find out the drill that I believe was Ben Hogan’s best kept secret.

This is the exact practice routine Hogan and his caddie would practice each morning at Colonial Country Club.

Hogan worked his way through the entire golf bag each day with this drill. Can You?

This is also the exact same drill Tiger Woods and Hank Haney would practice each day for years.

Golf’s 9 Basic Shots

You can play a fade, a draw, or a straight shot. For these three ball flights, you can have high trajectory, low trajectory, or normal trajectory.

There are 9 basic ball flights in golf.
There are 9 basic ball flights in golf.

Together, these will make the 9 basic ball flights. Once you learn how to control these basic flights, you’ll instantly be able to self adjust on the course.

If you start to hook or slice, you will know, and will have practiced, just what to do to fix this instantly!

No More Slices or Hooks!

Here are the basics of the drill from the new Premium video:

  • Pick a target on the range (usually a green or a bunker)
  • Select a club that will fly to the target.
  • Begin by hitting your first intended shot shape until you land a ball on your target.
  • As soon as you hit the target with that shot shape, move on to the next shot shape, eventually working through all 9 shots.

This will help your game in (at least) 2 ways:

  1. You’ll be able to hit each shot on demand after enough practice.
  2. You’ll practice your weaknesses.

Most players tend to practice only their strengths. In this drill, you’ll breeze right through your strong points.

The shots you need to improve the most are where you’ll get the most practice since it will be tougher for you to hit the desired target with that shot shape.


How to Keep Score & Discover Your “Go To” Shot

The rest of the new Premium video explains how to find your “go to” shot and how to keep score so you can track your ball striking improvement!

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