Track Your Golf Swing Progress This Winter – New RST Performance Center

Winter is the PERFECT time to start getting your swing together for the next season.

As we are gearing up to release a brand new winter golf training program video series, we want to introduce you to our latest addition for premium members.

Introducing…. The RST Golf Swing Performance Center!

The Performance Center takes advantage of the existing Swing Reviews and adds a rating and progress tracking system to help you measure your progress toward building the golf swing of your dreams! Click HERE now or the image below to see how it works.

golf swing analyzer

Using our proprietary golf swing analyzer, our team of certified instructors will help you gauge where your golf swing needs the most work.

We have seen a very high success rate from those students taking advantage of the swing review system. With the performance center in place you will be able to:

Track your progress in 10 critical areas of the swing.
Watch your progress over time.
Identify what part of the swing you need to stay focused on.

If you are not currently taking advantage of the swing review system, NOW is the perfect time to start doing so. Our instructors closely evaluate your golf swing submissions, and perform a thorough golf swing video analysis. Once the analysis is complete, you will receive an email notification that will allow you to see the instruction that is geared directly towards your swing.

That’s right, for less than 2 sleeves of balls, you can get 2 online golf lessons per month. The value in the online swing review process, along with the richness of the content, is what separates Rotary Swing from all other golf instruction in the world. Try it out! We guarantee that you will NOT be disappointed in the progress you make.

Take control of your game in the off season and get to work on building a better, more powerful golf swing.

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