Why Elbow Hurts After Golf? – Right or Left: Cure Golfer’s Elbow

Golf is NOT a contact sport! But, why do so many people get injured swinging the club?

If you’re like me, nothing is more frustrating than having to take time off from playing or practicing golf, due to an injury. Well, you don’t have to take time away from the course if you learn how to move your body in the golf swing as safely as you possibly can.

“Golfer’s elbow” can be nagging and leave you more on the sidelines for a number of weeks. Take a look at this video below, Rotary Swing Instructor Chris Tyler, will show you what the primary cause of your elbow pain is, and more importantly, how to fix it with one simple drill.

Finally, you have a much more clear understanding of what the primary culprit is to your elbow pain AND you have an easy solution to the problem.

You’re probably asking yourself, where has this information been for the last 30 years I have spent on the golf course? Golf instruction has lacked the understanding of how your body is supposed to work when swinging the club. Is that your fault? Absolutely not!

Your main job as a student of the game is to use the tools provided by your instructor, to get better or overcome swing faults. Well, the problem is that most golf instructors did not study anatomy and kinesiology before heading out to the range and molding your eager golfing mind.

With golf finally becoming more and more scientific, Rotary Swing is dedicated to providing you exactly the information you need to swing the golf club as safely and efficiently as humanly possible. Even if you are getting older, we have a video that shows you how to maintain speed, and how to do it without putting your body at risk.

Your job now is to worry less about your hurting yourself on the golf course and get the answers you deserve as a student of the game. To playing your best!


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