Why is Jordan Speith So Good at Golf? | Wedge Player Pro Tips (2022)

Jordan Spieth is making golf look pretty easy, very early on in his career on the PGA Tour. Do we have another contender that could possibly oust the great Jack Nicklaus?

Jordan recently spent time working on his wedge play to help get his proximity to the hole stats in a place that would leave him more scoring opportunities. I would say after this past weekends pounding of the field in Kapalua (by 8 shots mind you), his hard work paid off.

Do you find yourself struggling with your wedge play from 60-100+ yards? Let me show you some keys  the #1 player in the world uses in order to get the ball close to the hole…

You’ve probably struggled getting into a tour quality impact position for years because of your right hand heaving the club has hard as it can from the top of the swing or from pushing on the shaft with your left thumb. Check your golf glove out, see if you wear the thumb out of the glove and that would be a pretty clear indicator on your culprit for a scooped impact position.

I’ll admit, its very hard not to push against the club from the top of the swing down into impact with your right hand. It feels powerful to do it. However, in order to preserve lag in your golf swing, you must avoid pushing at all cost.

Start working on rotating your left wrist from the top of the swing down. In fact, start off using a 50% golf swing…from hip high to hip high. Work on turning your knuckles and golf logo down to the ground. This will create a bowed or flat left wrist, which is critical for you to be able to control the trajectory that the golf ball enters the green on.

With a flat or slightly bowed left wrist at impact, golf becomes a much more enjoyable sport for you that is filled with tons of compression. Check out a great video geared to getting your clubface square earlier on in your swing.

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