Easy Way to Generate Leg Power in Golf Swing (2021)

For years, we have heard the expression, “You have to start the golf swing from the ground up”.

How is it possible, an expression of this nature has been used for so long, even prior to the Jack Nicklaus era, and we still find so many amateur golfers struggle to grasp a hold  of this concept? I’ll tell you why…golf instruction has never given an simple explanation of how and why you want to swing from the ground up. That’s what I am here for!

For many, transitioning from the top of the backswing into the golf downswing properly, may seem next to impossible or might even seem like a foreign language to some…until now!

In this golf swing tips video, I’ll discuss the importance of using your legs for power in the golf swing and I will even show you a simple drill that will make your golf transition nearly perfect in a matter of minutes.

You’ll see that the #1 common mistake in the golf swing is that amateur golfers want to use the top half of their body as the primary force of movement, while the legs just act as a support system and aid in not allowing you to fall over.

I like to think of the golf downswing as a pretty natural movement like throwing a ball. Not exactly the same, but the sequence of movements will certainly help you understand how you want the downswing to work.

Let’s look at a baseball pitcher for a moment…

The first move a pitcher would make, would be to load up the trail leg (the right leg, assuming the pitcher is right handed). You load up your leg by shifting your weight to that side first. The next big move would consist of a big step of the lead leg, towards the intended target, with external rotation of the lead leg. Once the leg is planted, the hips would begin to rotate and pull the shoulders and arms to the delivery point of the pitch.

The movements I describe above, are exactly the way we want to look at the downswing sequence in golf, except we are going to keep our feet planted to the ground in true balance. If you do not know what that means, I have a great video that will help you understand it by clicking here.

As I mentioned before, most amateur golfers will start the downswing with the shoulders and arms because that can feel really powerful and coordinated. Try throwing a ball like that or perhaps try throwing a golf club like that down the fairway. You would probably notice that it would be extremely difficult to make the golf club travel very far if you didn’t use your legs for help.

What have we learned…

The golf swing easily relates to any other hitting or throwing motion. Yep, pretty simple concept to understand because most of us to these movements naturally just by picking up a ball and throwing it.

How about Frisbee? I am sure you have probably thrown a Frisbee at some point in your life, either wildly in any direction or on a perfect rotational plane that lands in your partner’s hand or dog’s mouth. The good news is that if you have ever thrown a Frisbee, then I guarantee I can get you to master your downswing sequence in a matter of minutes. How you ask?

Well, I have a great video that you need to watch by clicking here now.

This simple drill will show you how a Frisbee will teach you not only the natural movements of the body for the golf swing sequence, but will also teach you how to control the club face with your lead hand and train you how to properly release the club. Wait a second…You mean I can kill 3 golfing birds with one stone? You betcha!

So let’s recap real quick here…

  • Understand the expression of building a golf swing from the ground up.
  • Relate the expression to any hitting or throwing sports.
  • Watch the simple Frisbee drill now by clicking here.
  • Overcome 3 major faults in your golf swing in a matter of minutes.
  • Impress your friends with your extremely long and accurate drives.
  • Tell your playing partners about the Frisbee drill so they are not holding you up on the course with their short drives.

To long and accurate drives!




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