David Lingmerth How to Swing a Golf Club | Top Tips 2021

New Video: David Lingmerth – Left leg impact position
Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification

“I have been playing golf now for 35 years and protecting my body on the course has never been so important. Your ability to take such an understanding of the anatomy and make it extremely important in your instruction is why I am proud to be a member.

Hans G. – Premium Member

David Lingmerth golf swing

Congrats to David Lingmerth on his playoff victory at the 2015 Memorial tournament.

Why is that we see so many golf professionals sustain swing related injuries year after year? Is it because golf instruction has always lacked one really important concept of protecting the body and it’s joints? You betcha!

In this new video, I’ll show you how a particular David Lingmerth impact position could lead to an injury down the road. I’ll also show you the importance of neutral joint alignment in the golf swing and how it could save you from a possible hip or knee surgery.

You owe it to your body, watch this video now and start being proactive about protecting your joints!

David Lingmerth PGA Tour golf swing

2 thoughts on “David Lingmerth How to Swing a Golf Club | Top Tips 2021

  • December 14, 2015 at 12:00 am

    I have been suffering from lower back spasms that flare up do to a herniated disk in my lower back. In the beginning phase of my golf exploration I would stack and tilt and reverse pivot. Now I am working on more weight shift and shorting my length of back swing in order to keep solid width. This past week I threw out my back again because I went to the range and hit a significant amount of balls while working on (what I thought was secondary axis tilt) but was more like Tigers new swing impact postion. Any ideas, stories or remedies for preventing this sort of injury so I and others like me can play golf for a very long time. Keep in mind I’m only 29 but am a Marine infantry veteran and that’s where the herniation began was in service. Thanks and can’t what for reply!

    • December 17, 2015 at 4:07 pm

      Hi Swampfox, Sorry to hear about your back and thank you as always for your service. It is always best to make sure when working on a big swing change that you take it in small pieces and make sure the body movements are perfect before adding the club in for drilling and range time. We can help you with that with the swing reviews on the website. Its an awesome feature that allows us to see exactly what you are doing in the swing and be able to pass along great instruction back to you. When dealing with an issue such as yours, I would make sure that your posture is in check at setup and you are using the lower body perfectly to stabilize the hips and not allow the spine to over rotate. Check out on the site..fixing your setup and perfecting lower body stability and see if that helps get you going. All the best – Chris Tyler

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