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My story isn’t unlike yours…

I wanted to play my best golf possible and sought help from the top instructors in the industry. After months of lessons and thousands wasted, I went from being a plus 2 handicap to not being able to break 80 two days in a row!

All this time, I kept hitting one major roadblock that I felt was holding me back. Every time I asked my instructor WHY he wanted me to do something and exactly HOW he wanted me to do it, I just got a blank stare.

I realized they didn’t answer my questions because they COULDN’T!

A Different Approach was Needed to the Golf Swing

After one hot Florida summer day of hitting balls for 8 hours and not improving, and after wasting thousands of dollars on the so-called “top instructors”, I had had enough. I had devoted so much of my heart and soul to this game, put in countless hours, yet hear I was, still searching for answers.

I decided then and there that I was going to take another approach to learning the golf swing – one that MADE SENSE! I decided to take a look at every single facet of the golf swing from a completely OBJECTIVE approach. I would ignore what this player or that player did and ask myself –

  • What are we really trying to accomplish with the movements in the golf swing?

  • How was the body designed to perform those movements?

  • What is the safest, most efficient and powerful way to do it?

  • What are the physics of the swinging club and the moving body?

  • How would the brain most quickly learn those new movements?

Seems simple, logical, even common-sensical, no?

Finally, Houston, we Have Answers

When you start out with questions like this, you’re going to find the right answers. My search for my dream golf swing was no longer rooted in someone’s theories or opinions, rather it was based on FACT.

Establishing requirements for the golf swing from a fresh, non-biased perspective ensured that the RST golf swing would be ideal in every way. It would be safe, powerful, efficient, consistent and easy to learn. It would be based on science, not pseudo-science and certainly not opinion.

Because of this, RST has become the de-facto model for hundreds of thousands of golfers around the world, and thousands of golf instructors and playing professionals.

Our online learning system is simply second to none. While other golf instruction websites send you a random tip each week from different instructors who conflict with each other, RST is completely consistent and fundamentals based from beginning to end.

Improve Faster Than Ever – We Guarantee It!

You simply can’t improve faster than with RST. Why? Because we brought in one of the top learning experts who helped us formulate the learning program of RST.

The brain learns a new movement pattern in a very specific way. You’ll learn all this in our TRUTHS of Instruction video series in a moment, but the first thing I can tell you is this – it DOESN’T learn the way you’re working on the swing now!

You already know that, or you wouldn’t be here looking for more golf tips! The brain learns a VERY SPECIFIC way and if you’re not following this way, you’re quite literally wasting your time following the “Random Golf Tips” model that is out there now.

We’re so confident that you’ll have the same experience as our 360,000+ plus members, we offer a 100% money back guarantee within the first 30 days if you aren’t completely satisfied with our program. Yep – it’s that good – and proven!

We’ve been around for over 10 years now. We started in 2005 with zero members and have grown to almost a quarter of a million happy golfers who have cut as many as 20, yes 20 strokes off their handicap. Don’t you want to be the next success story at your home club?

Then let’s get started! Even better yet, we want you to try us out, completely free for 7 days. No obligation, no funny business, just free.

Get a taste of RST and see what you’ve been missing!

Start my free trial!

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