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Most golfers start out playing golf by coming over the top and hitting a big slice. This horribly weak shot is extremely frustrating and leads to some pretty funny looking setups.

You know the one, where the guy is aimed so far left of the target that you think he’s aiming at YOU!

To ensure all of our members stop coming over the top, I’ve just released my best video ever for eradicating this dreaded move from your game.

You know RST instruction’s always unique because I focus on how your body moves.  So, my 2 simple fixes for your over-top-swing may be a revelation for you.

eliminate your over the top slice in your golf swing
Find out what causes your over-the-top slice!

Here’s one of those two fixes covered in the new Premium video…

This Causes Your Over-the-Top Golf Swing

To stop coming over the top, you have to understand the Two Causes of the Over The Top Golf Swing.

The first cause that I’m going to discuss here is overuse of the right side of the body and right arm. This is THE most common cause of coming over the top in the golf swing.

It happens because most people play golf right handed and are right hand dominant.

This leads to an overuse of the right arm, and as you’ll see in the Premium video, this steepens the pitch of the shaft and shifts the swing plane to the left.

That’s just a fancy way of saying that you need to tame the right side and learn to properly use the left.

How the Left Arm Helps Change Swing Plane

As the video clearly demonstrates, proper use of the left arm actually does the opposite of what the right arm does.

The left arm actually shallows out the swing plane, and overuse can lead to getting stuck and approaching the golf ball too far from the inside, causing you to start hooking the ball.

If you come over the top in your golf swing, this is a dream come true!

But like all things in golf, we need a balance of both sides.

stop coming over the top
Overuse of the right arm steepens the swing plane and leads to swinging over the top.


In the left image above from the video, you can see what a steep shaft position looks like and how the right arm and shoulder work together to create this position.

In the image on the right, you can see how the left arm stops you from coming over the top due to the musculature you have available on the left side of the body at the top of the backswing.

By combining the proper use of the left arm with the second key that you’ll learn in the Premium video, you’ll be able to stop coming over the top and learn how the pros blast the ball from “the inside.”

Now Get the 2nd Key to Fix Your Over-the-Top Slice Forever!

There’s one more piece to add to your left arm action to ensure you stop coming over the top forever.  The new Premium video covers both pieces with all the detail you’d expect from us!

stop your over the top golf swing


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