🏌Golf Swing: 2 Pro Moves – How To Control Ball Trajectory (2022)

Have you been trying to figure out how to hit those low one hop and stop shots? Great news, I’ll show you how to hit wedges shots and other penetrating iron shots just like the pros, with 2 key moves.

adam scott golf swing

Bill Haas and Adam Scott control the trajectory of their short irons beautifully! Controlling the loft and spin on the golf ball has become an extremely important part of the game.

In this new video, I’ll show you 2 must-have components to properly controlling the flight of your golf ball.

I’ll show you how your body position and your lead wrist position are far more important than playing the ball way back in your stance like other instructors have preached for years.

What controls the loft?

Your lead wrist in the golf swing, controls what where the face will be in relationship to the path and will also control how much forward shaft lean (loft) you will have at impact.

Try this out: Start in a static address position with your proper golf grip and then keep your glove logo facing down the target line and fully bow your lead wrist. What do you notice? You should notice a TON of forward shaft lean and the loft of the club decreasing dramatically.

Now, take the bowing out of the wrist and move it back until the wrist is flat. You should still notice a good amount of forward shaft lean and club should have more loft. Between the fully bowed and flat position is your GO ZONE in the golf swing and ensures that you are in control of the face and the loft of the club at impact.

On top of that, you must be able to control the bottom of the swing arc. You will see that most pro golfers, when trying to hit a penetrating wedge or any other short iron , a stacked up lead side is present. See the video image above and notice how Adam Scott’s left shoulder, left hip, left knee and left ankle are all in line. This is a text book impact position and allows you to control the bottom of the arc.

Start controlling your trajectory and spin with some great release and wedge shot drills that we have on the website. Good luck on your game.

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