Golf Tips: How to Play the Ball Below Your Feet (2022)

New Specialty Shot Video: Ball below your feet
By Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification

Playing the ball below your feet can be a scary shot for most amateur golfers. Want to learn how to never fear this shot again? Watch this video and I’ll show you how.

how to play ball below your feet

Ever lost your balance or hit the ball wildly in all directions when faced with a ball below your feet scenario? Yeah, me too and believe me, we have all been there.

Well, I have a simple list of checkpoints that will get you more stability and balance in your golf swing and also get you hitting the green almost every time.

Why is balance such an issue for most?

Typically speaking, amateur players all tend to be off balance right at the golf setup position. We see golfers tend to setup up with the weight too far over the balls of their feet and then momentum and inertia pulls you over your toes in the downswing, and sends you rolling down the hill so that all your playing companions can laugh at you.

All jokes aside, this shot can be much easier by just increasing the knee flex a slight amount, which will help compensate for the slope and also increase stability. You also want to roll your ankles in just slightly and make sure your golf posture otherwise, is in check.

After that, you just need to aim a bit to the left because the slope is going to want to make the ball curve from left to right. It’s best to practice these shots from time to time to get a clear understanding just how much your ball will curve.

A perfect way to eliminate any BIG curvature in the shot, would be to focus on your release and keep the forearms and wrist relaxed and rotating over the top of each other.

Simple as that! Make the quick adjustments to your golf setup and fire away!  Hit more greens…save on score! Good luck on your game! 

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