2 Steps To Overcome Hip Pain Caused By Golf Swing (2022)

You’ve probably seen the golf swing change pretty drastically from the Ben Hogan era, to the Jack Nicklaus era, right on into the Tiger Woods era. It’s hard to find a lot of golfers that swing like Hogan or Nicklaus today on the tour, that’s for sure. However, we do see a lot of people swinging more like Tiger these days. Why though? Tiger has battled with injuries throughout his career.

Does this mean we should all go back to swinging like Jack Nicklaus? No, and I am going to show you why now…

How did you develop your golf swing mechanics? Did you start out by going to a local pro, or did you attend a beginners clinic? Perhaps you didn’t have any formal instruction and just read golf magazine, watched the golf channel, or listened to your buddies give you tips on the driving range? Either way, you probably did not start out swinging the golf club and worry a bit about injuring your body.

Fast forward 20+ years of playing golf and chasing tips coming from 7 different directions and BAM…now you leave the golf course or driving range, and feel aches and pains all over.

Your golf swing can put tons of stress your joints and more than likely, you have been taught to swing the club in a way, that has complete disregard for your body and it’s joints. You have always been taught to swing in a way that will produce as much power and as much accuracy, but based on the way the current best player in golf was swinging like.

Jack Nicklaus, arguably the best player to ever walk on planet earth, had a lovely free flowing golf swing with tons of power. However, if you look at most of the golfers from the Nicklaus era, what are the battling with today? Hip and knee replacements.

Over time, driving hard off the right side like Jack used to do so well, caused the hip to endure significant wear. Thus resulting in a hip replacement or  2.

Now, I will not argue the fact that the legs produce a good amount of power in the golf swing. What I will argue is how we use them…because most of the golf related injuries seen today, are completely avoidable by learning how to move your body correctly in the swing.

Watch a complete overviews video by clicking HERE  and start building your golf swing in a way that will never cause you pain or discomfort again!

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