3 Step Process Gets Rotary Swing Student Into A Perfect Golf Impact Position Filled With Compression

New Video: 3 steps to better impact
Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification

RST student featured in this video had to say...

"I am obsessed with golf but before I found RST I was seriously contemplating giving the gameup. After our work together the last 2 months and today on the range I'm encouraged. I'm not where I want to be yet but I can see the progress and I can hit enough of the "keep you coming back" type shots to make me want to continue to put in the hard work. Thanks again for that."

Kevin K. - Premium Member

Rotary Swing Student Perfect Golf Impact Position

Golf is a sport that can leave you frustrated round after round, but WHY? What exactly are you working on to get over the immense frustration?

In this new video, I'll show you a 3 step process that got this student into an awesome impact position with more lag and tons of compression.

I'll show you how we used a list of premium videos on the site and accomplished a pretty drastic overhaul in just 2 short hours on the range.

Stop being frustrated and see just how easy it can be get that amazing feeling of a compressed shot!

Perfect Golf Impact Position

Chris Tyler

See my full bio here: https://rotaryswing.com/rst-certified-instructors/50 Understanding the golf swing and how the body works is a fascinating concept that I have devoted my life to and in turn have helped thousands of students reach their goals in the game of golf. Teaching a golf swing that allows you to extract the timing, create consistency, maximize power through efficiency all while protecting and preserving the body has become the face of golf. Get better at golf with better instruction!