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Here’s a sampling of just some of our more than 350 videos – and we add several new ones each week!

Get (Tons) More Lag!

These new videos will have you blasting the ball past your golf buddies!

You’ll learn what’s stopping you from getting massive lag, and you’ll also get several drills that you can put into action now, even while you’re at home.

Exaggerated Lag: Hands Ahead at Impact

  • Lag and Speed Drills
  • 9 to 3 Lag Building Drills
  • Increase Your Lag
  • “Golf Swing Whip”
  • Wide-Narrow-Wide Swing Shape
  • Fix Your Flip: Add Distance
  • Build Monster Lag
  • How You Can Increase Your Lag w/Online Lessons
  • Increase Your Lag Like RST Member Frank Coyle
  • Science of Golf Swing Release | Mickelson vs. Trebuchet

9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking Series

Find out how to shape your shots high, low, right, and left with this truly amazing set of videos.

  • Controlling Starting LIne
  • Hitting the Draw
  • Hitting the Fade
  • Low Trajectory Shots
  • High Trajectory Shots
  • Fine Tuning Your Draw
  • Fine Tuning Your Fade
  • Fine Tuning Trajectory
  • Ball Striking

Chip Like a Pro!

Dramatically lower your scores by taking dead aim at the pin and nestling your ball close to the cup!


  • How to Chip Better
  • Tiger Woods Chip Shot
  • Practice Chipping: Ring Game
  • How to Chip: Club Selection
  • RotaryConnect Chipping
  • Ladder for Distance Control
  • How to Chip: Perfect Stroke
  • How to Chip: Proper Setup

Fix Your Over-the-Top Slice Now!

Rotary Swing Golf Founder Chuck Quinton tackles the slice… and the slice is down for the count! He’ll show you exactly what’s causing your slice and simple drills that will fix your slice once and for all!

over-the-top golf swing


Our new articles and videos cover everything from hitting your driver to course management:

  • Alignment
  • Backswing
  • Blocked Shots
  • Curing Your Chicken Wing
  • Perfect Your Putting Series
  • Sand Shots
  • Course Management
  • Equipment Reviews
  • Several Pro Analyses
  • Transition and Release

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