Brandt Snedeker’s Swing: Slow the Hands and Arms in Your Golf Swing to Crack The Whip

Brandt Snedecker showing off that release that allows him to get so much speed in his golf swing.
Brandt Snedecker showing off the release that allows him to get so much speed in his golf swing.

It seems to me that all the attention in golf lately has been centered around either the changes to Tiger Woods' swing or Rory McIlroy and his love life.

But seriously, has there been anyone hotter on tour since the end of last year than Brandt Snedeker? 2 wins, 2 runner ups (to Tiger and Phil) and a FedEx Cup Championship!

After he won the $10 million FedEx prize last year, you learned how to "uncramp" your impact with our Brandt Snedeker golf swing analysis.

In the video below, the "Lag Doctor" is going to show you how he generates lots of speed in his golf swing and how you can do it too!

Let's Clear Up A Common Misconception First

When the club is parallel to the ground in the downswing, Brandt Snedecker builds a ton of lag, BUT at this point he's got to let this lag go.

Most people I talk to are under the impression that everything keeps moving towards the target. With that in mind, they keep on pulling everything through -- hands, arms, body, hips, and shoulders...Everything!

They think the faster you can pull it all through, the faster the club will move in the golf swing, and that's simply not the case.

So Then What Is The Key To Speed In Brandt Snedeker's Swing?

Imagine you're gonna crack a whip, or better yet, grab a towel and snap one of your buddies with it while they're set up over their tee shot.

There's one key thing that must happen in order to get maximum speed: Your hand and arm has to slow down!

The golf swing is no different if you're trying to create effortless power. The body, arms and hands must slow down in order for the golf club to release.

If this is a new concept for you, you're not alone...

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