Do You Have A Proper Balance Of Speed And Control In Your Golf Swing?

New Video:Paul Casey vs. Bubba Watson
Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification

“I shot an even par 72 today and won my over 60 yr old division in a WV Senior series event by 8 strokes. Winning by eight has to be a record for me.”

-RST Premium Member Tom S.

Bubba Watson and Paul Casey Golf Swing

Congrats to Bubba Watson for battling off Paul Casey at this past weekends Travelers Championship in a pressure-packed playoff.

We all know how fun it can be to bomb your driver on the golf course. However, isn’t it more fun to hit the ball really far and really straight all at the same time.

In this new video, I’ll show you how to get a proper blend of both speed and control in the swing, all while maintaining safety for your body and working on the golf swing basics.

You don’t have to give up speed to gain control in the swing. Watch this video now and find out how!

Paul Casey Golf swing and Bubba Watson golf swing

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