Driver Setup – How to Set Up to the Driver

"How do I set up for the driver? Is it different than with other clubs?" is something that I get asked all the time.

Is Tiger's setup position here for the driver correct? Find out...

All the golf magazines and pundits on TV are talking about how you should tee it high and set up with the ball way forward in your stance.

So it must be correct, right? Well, sort of...

I released a Premium video on how to setup with your driver to answer this question, and here's a key point from it that may surprise you...


The most important thing you should learn so you can hit ALL the clubs in your bag solidly is how to get your release point in the same place like I discuss in the 5 Minutes to the Perfect Release Video.

This means that, at first, you should work on hitting DOWN on your driver.


Hit DOWN on my driver? Are you crazy?!

Not at all...

First of all, most all tour pros actually do hit down about 1 degree or so on their drivers. They do this for control and accuracy.

adam scott driver setup
Adam Scott's driver setup

But in your case, I want you to do this for another reason.

Practicing hitting down on the golf ball will allow you to groove a consistent golf club release without changing all the angles in your golf swing at impact.

What I see more often than not is that a golfer will have a reasonable swing with all his irons and then look like he's being attacked by a giant squid when he swings the driver.

This happens if you try to go from hitting down 4 degrees or so with an iron to magically hitting up 3 degrees or even more with your driver by teeing the ball high and forward in your setup.

Instinctively, you'll move your head back during the downswing, creating a lot of secondary axis tilt at impact in order hit the ball that is sitting so high off the ground. If you didn't make this compensation, you would put a sky mark on your driver!

So, I have golfers like this work on hitting down on the driver at first until they learn to maintain their impact position with the driver.

Then, I show them the adjustments they need to make to be able to move to a more neutral or positive angle of attack to get more distance.


  1. Set up with the ball in the same position with the driver as you would for a wedge, which is the same as for every other club in the bag.
  2. Tee the ball very low, just barely off the ground.
  3. Hit shots until you learn to release the driver in the same place as you do all your clubs.
  4. As you get comfortable and the ball is flying consistently the same way, slowly increase the tee height and start moving the ball forward a half inch at a time until you have the desired ball flight.

When you do this drill, the ball will fly very low and not carry very far, but you should be able to hit the ball very solidly without taking much of a divot (just brushing the grass).

As you get comfortable with this, you'll discover that your golf swing is starting to feel the same with every club in the bag. That is the goal!

Do you really want to try and learn and maintain 13 different golf swings when you struggle to just learn one?!

Of course not! The #1 goal of your golf swing is for it to be consistent.

Yes, power is important, but there's no point in hitting the driver far if you hit it all over the place. If you want to score in golf, you have to know exactly where that ball is going to land after you hit it.

But most golfers get so distance obsessed with the driver that they make all these huge setup changes because they hear the pundits talking about it without taking any intermediate steps to balance out the changes.

This is like taking the whole bottle of aspirin for a headache - baby steps people!

Take a look at this sequence of Tiger Woods' swing with the driver.

You can see just how far he has the ball forward in his setup. If you just jump to this ball position, you can virtually guarantee you're going to start spraying the ball all over the place, if you aren't already.

tiger woods driver setup

You must understand all the factors that will influence ball flight just from making a simple setup change, and most golfers don't.

For instance, in this driver setup video, I talk about how you must move the ball to the INSIDE of your original target line if you move the ball up in your stance.

Did you realize that? If not, you're adding even more compensations into your golf swing which is likely already built on a bunch of other compensations!

Now, if you have to move the ball to inside as you move it further up, you also have to adjust your alignment.

how to setup for driver

You see, the face is closing throughout the entire downswing and if you move the golf ball up in your stance, the face will be more closed at impact than if the ball is farther back. Make sure you watch the video I linked to above if this isn't clear.


The rest of this Premium video explains how to blast the ball your maximum distance by making the necessary setup adjustments for the driver.

perfect driver setup for golf

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dustin johnson driver swing
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