How to Hit High Golf Shots: 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking (Day 5)

Certain Situations Call for Specialized Shots

Maybe you’re on a long, wide open par five with a stiff wind at your back. You want to hit the ball very high and hard so you can reach the par five with an iron instead of a wood.

Maybe you’re facing a second shot with a middle iron into a par four.  The pin is cut just behind a bunker on the front edge of the green.

You need to hit a high, soft shot that will land on the green and stop close to the hole.

Flat Left Wrist
Keep the left wrist flat to use the natural loft of the club face. This will give you a higher ball flight.

These are both examples of shots where you’ll need to add loft to the club in order to launch the ball higher.

How to Hit the Ball High

Here’s one of the critical concepts covered in my new Premium video, “Day 5: How to Hit High-Flying, Soft-Landing Golf Shots”:

You can control the height of any shot by correctly using your left hand.

In order to control trajectory, you must use the back of your left hand properly.

You can think of the back of your left hand as your club face.

In the Day 4 video, you learned the drills to de-loft the club and hit penetrating shots with lots of compression by bowing your wrist forward.

To add loft to a shot you’ll need to do the opposite.  Now, in your downswing, you’ll want to have a flat left wrist, so you can use the natural loft of the club.

Easy Does It

Don’t go overboard and “cup” your left wrist.

If performed correctly, at the moment of impact, the club shaft should still lean forward. It may only be leaning forward 1-2°, as opposed to 10-12° of forward shaft lean for a more penetrating ball flight.


Now Get the Drills to Master High Golf Shots!

The rest of the new Premium video gives you a step-by-step process, including an easy-to-follow drill, to add the high-flying, soft landing shot to your game.

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