How To Use Your Left Leg For Stability and Power In Your Golf Swing

New Video: Justin Thomas – Left Leg Stability and Power
By Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification

Have you ever wondered how some of the pros you see on T.V. look so in control and so effortless and they still pound the ball 300+ yards?

Click HERE or the image below now and I’ll show you exactly how they do it!

justin thomas golf swing

Congrats to Justin Thomas for winning the CIMB championship this past weekend.

In this new video, I’ll show you how to get your backswing under control with a simple left knee drill and I’ll show you how to increase your clubhead speed by posting up properly.

If you look at the previous generations of golf swings, from Hogan to Nicklaus, you would definitely see a lot more moving body parts than you see in the modern era of the golf swing.

The golf swing as evolved in such a beautiful way.  You as a student, are now able to better understand how the body is designed to move in the golf swing from a biomechanics standpoint and you are now able to create a much more efficient AND safe golf swing that is backed by science. Isn’t that just remarkable? That means NO MORE grey areas in the way of golf instruction…only clear cut black and white fundamentals.

With that said, most of you amateur golfers struggle with a out of control backswing because you want to hit that darn golf ball with all your might. Trust me, I get and I want that ball to fly as far as humanly possible. What if I told you that you can hit the golf ball just as far, if not further, with a shorter and tighter golf backswing position? You’d be all over it right? Of course you would and YOU CAN.

Keep your left knee pointed outside the golf ball during the entire backswing. Don’t allow it to collapse down and toward your right knee. This will allow your hips to have more mobility and doesn’t give your brain a signal of tension in your midsection. By keeping the left knee stationary, you are now creating stability in the hips and separation between the hip and shoulder rotation. This is going to help get you core engaged for power and shorten your backswing up an amazing amount.

Get out there and try it out, you will be amazed on just how good you start hitting the golf ball.  Control your swing first, then turn up the power!

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