Golf Instruction Tips: 3 Key Points You Should Know (2022)

Golf Instruction - Getting the Most out of a Golf Lesson

Getting a golf lesson these days can be as confusing as buying a used car. One golf instructor tries to sell you on his ideas and another golf instructor tells you his golf lessons are the only way to go. How do you decide which golf instruction is best for you?

Step 1: Ask Your Golf Instructor the Right Questions

The most important question you can ever ask your golf instructor is "Why"? Why does he want you do this or that with your golf swing. Any golf instruction you receive should have a very logical set of "cause and effect" answers to this simple little three letter word.

If you ask a question during your golf lesson and your golf instructor can't tell you exactly "why" he wants you to do it that way and how it effects your golf swing, turn around and walk away now. The simple answer is he or she doesn't know why and is simply giving you advice that they just assume is correct because they probably heard it from somewhere else. Your golf lesson is over at this point.

It's also important that any online golf instruction videos you receive be able to tell you exactly "How" to do it. Many good golf instructors know "what" they want you to be able to do with the club or even your body, but can't tell you exactly HOW to do it. But the HOW is at the essence of the best golf instruction.

Step 2: Find a Certified Rotary Swing Tour Instructor

In a Rotary Swing Tour golf lesson, your Certified RST instructor not only can tell you exactly WHY, but WHAT and HOW as well. The entire RST golf instruction system is built around the core concept of why, what and how.

If we can't tell you exactly why something in your golf lesson should or must be done this way, then it's not a fundamental of the golf swing. The "WHAT" of RST golf instruction is based on the science - physics and biomechanics - of the golf swing that our team of medical experts have helped me develop over my 20+ year long search for the perfect golf swing.

Step 3: Take Golf Lessons Online

That's right, you can get the best golf instruction online from the comfort of your living room! The RST golf swing instruction system is designed around neur0-muscular reeducation - the process of learning new movement patterns. What makes Rotary Swing golf instruction unique is that it intended to be done at least 50% of the time away from the driving range!

That's right, you can improve your golf swing by simply doing the work from your online golf lesson at home in front of a mirror! You don't need to waste money hitting balls at the driving range, you can practice at home and improve 10X faster because you're working with how your brain learns a new movement pattern!

Learn more about online golf lessons here!

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Chuck Quinton

is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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