Golf Swing Tempo – Fix Flaws and Improve Speed (2022)
Find out tempo’s effect on swing flaws and speed.

We’ve received a few questions on golf swing tempo lately since we haven’t covered it in much detail with the Premium videos.

That must mean that tempo’s not too important, right?

Check out the video below now because you may be surprised by the answer, plus you’ll find out:

  • What improved tempo can (and can’t) do for your swing flaws.
  • How to think about tempo to pick up club head speed and distance.


(Sorry about the video quality. It’s from a webinar last year and is the best the platform provides. In this case, the real value lies in hearing the message anyway.)


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Chuck Quinton

is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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