Top Speed Golf – How to Increase Your Clubhead Speed for Awesome Distance

If there’s one thing golfers of all abilities wish for it’s increased swing and therefore clubhead speed. In a single phrase – to be able to play top speed golf

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How to Produce a Top Speed Golf Swing

There are two important and complementary ways of achieving this – the technical and the physical.

It’s important to remember that more clubhead speed is only a means to achieving the increased distance that is one of the keys to improved scoring.

And no matter how fast you swing, if you top, chunk, or even hit slightly off-center, the distance your ball travels will be drastically reduced.

Fortunately, though, developing a technically correct swing that uses the big muscles of the body to generate maximum leverage, lag, and clubhead speed is also the way to build a consistently accurate strike.

For a compelling demonstration of the importance of lag – seen most obviously in the angle between the lead arm and club – just look at a slow motion video or still photo sequence of any top player.

The Physical Aspect of Top Speed Golf Release

Given a technically correct swing – and assuming that you are using equipment of the specification that’s right for you – the best way to increase your clubhead speed is to work on your strength, flexibility, and balance – just as any other athlete would.

Hitting balls with one hand or while standing one leg; hitting an old car or truck tire, or swinging a heavy club are all methods used by the old-time pros to develop these qualities.

And very effective they can be.

You can also follow one of the many golf-specific fitness programs that are now available.

Your Choice of Golf Swing Trainers

You may never blast it as far as the PGA Tour bombers , but you can undoubtedly significantly increase your clubhead speed in this way.

And these days there’s a huge range of more scientific drills and golf swing trainers that can be used with benefit.

There are heavy clubs and light clubs, “speed sticks” and tempo trainers; there are resistance fans and smash bags, to mention just a few.

All kinds of claims are made on behalf of these devices, and all have their uses. But if there is one common factor it’s that they all offer increased clubhead speed.

The Best Golf Swing Trainer

But as we have seen above, the key to increased speed is maximizing clubhead lag. In other words, learning to delay the release of the clubhead until the last possible millisecond. And it follows that if speed is your goal then the best swing trainer will be one that teaches the elusive feel of what used to be called the late hit.

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How do you hit a golf ball at top speed?

Parts of your body must slow down so other parts can gain energy, much like snapping a towel.

How do I control my golf swing speed?

You control the speed by ensuring you have balance and a strong foundation in the lower body during the golf swing

How to produce a top speed golf swing?
Softening the wrists and then pushing the front leg into the ground during the downswing is a great way to produce a top speed golf swing.

If you want to hit the longest drives of your life, it starts with producing the top speed you possibly can. Your top swing speed is the primary determinant of your potential for massive distance off the tee.

There are numerous other factors that I talk about when it comes to producing massive distance and I cover that all in my Bomb Your Driver series you can check out here (Note this course costs $49, but for a limited time, you can buy it for only $7!). So, in today’s golf instruction article we’re going to focus exclusively on how to produce your top speed.

Top Speed Golf

Step 1 – You must have lag!

topspeed golf

I always tell my students who are wanting to produce their top golf swing speeds that they have one job to do:


Outside of that, nothing else matters. Why?

Because lag produces 2/3’s of your club head speed! That’s right, over 66% of your golf swing speed comes just from the release of your wrist angle.

how to produce top speed in my golf swing

So, knowing now that simple fact, you must prioritize producing club head speed by creating and preserving lag, then releasing it with unbound fury!

Unleashing lag, more commonly referred to as the “golf swing release“, is where all the fun is in the golf swing! It’s where you finally get to unload on that dumb little ball and show it who’s really the boss.

I call it the “payoff” in the golf swing and it’s certainly my favorite part.

A proper release turns a big slice into a baby draw, and more importantly, accelerates the golf club to more than 3x it’s current speed from only 3 feet away from the ball.

That’s right, in a typical tour pro’s golf swing with a 6 iron, the golf club is only moving at about 20-25 mph when it is 3 feet from the ball. But in those last three feet, the club can nearly quadruple in speed!

That is efficiency at its finest! Think about it for a second, let that sink in. What could you possibly do right now in your current golf swing to make the club head quadruple in speed only 3 feet from the ball?

Could you try and spin your shoulders faster? Nope, that certainly won’t do anything but put more stress on the spine.

Could you try and push harder with your right hand? Remember, Hogan said he wished he had 3 right hands! But alas, that certainly won’t even double, much less quadruple your club head speed.

To produce top speed in your golf swing, there’s no other option but to release your wrists. But how exactly do you do that? Wouldn’t that lead to a flip?

The TopSpeed Golf Release is with the Legs

Rather than write about it, let me share with you one of the RotarySwing University videos that talks about how the pros produce top speed in their golf swings and how you can, too.

You see, a proper golf swing release is actually quite passive with your hands and arms and it’s the big muscles that are doing all the heavy lifting in the golf swing. The last thing I’d ever want you to do is TRY and time or flip the release – that’s impossible to do consistently!

Instead, let’s put Sir Isaac Newton in the driver’s seat of your golf swing. You see, the golf club actually WANTS to release naturally, but if you have too much tension in your grip and arms, you’ll never release the golf club properly.

Supple Wrists are a Requirement for Top Speed Golf

If there was ONE huge mistake that I see over and over and that kills golfers’ potential for producing maximum club head speed it will be tension in the forearms.

In the video above, I discussed the concept of snapping a towel. I want you to try this with your wrist very tense – like how you normally hold your golf club! – and then try it with your wrists very soft and relaxed.

You will be amazed at how much more snap there is when your wrists are soft. That’s the power of leverage in the golf swing and understanding the difference between producing top speed in the golf swing or top power.

Many golfers are confused by this concept and so they try and rotate their chest as hard as they can in a futile effort to produce their top swing speeds. But this literally does the exact opposite in the golf swing!

You see, when you start spinning your shoulders fast, you actually cause yourself to LOSE lag early in the golf downswing.

That’s because you create too much centripetal force too early in the golf swing, and the resulting centrifugal force acts upon the club head, causing it to want to move further away from the fast rotating center – ie. CASTING!

golf swing merry go roundThink of it like this – if you were on a kids merry-go-round, the kid in the middle doesn’t feel much force acting on him even if the merry-go-round is spinning quite quickly.

However, the kid on the outside of the merry-go-round has just bought a one way ticket to the emergency room!

The kid in the middle is smiling, having a good old time because Newtonian physics are going to be kind to him.

However, the girl on the is about to go for one heck of a ride!

Your shoulders are like the middle of the merry-go-round. They don’t have to spin very fast in order for there to be tremendous forces at play that you can’t overcome.

That’s why there’s a common adage in golf instruction for keeping your back facing the target as long as possible during the golf downswing.

Remember, your only job right now in the golf swing is to create, maintain and release lag. So, anything that contradicts that like trying to turn your shoulders fast in the downswing is going to go directly against your job description and that’s a good way to get yourself fired!

We don’t want that! So, if you’re not going to spin your shoulders to power the golf downswing, what DO you need to do to produce your top speed?

Shift your weight.

Yep, that’s it – well, that’s a critical piece anyway! Most amateur golfers don’t shift their weight properly at all, in fact, I call it the “crux” of the golf swing for most golfers.

But, learning how to shift your weight correctly in the downswing will transform your ability to create and maintain lag.

You see, SOMETHING has to move the golf club to start the downswing. If you watch this video, you’ll see that by starting your downswing with your weight shift not only shallows out your swing plane, but actually CREATES MORE LAG in your golf swing and helps you maintain it!

For most golfers, learning how to shift their weight is a challenge because they’re so fixated on the golf club and trying to accelerate it right from the top that their bodies end up freezing and responding to the now quickly moving golf club.

This is a recipe for the classic over the top slice move.

So, to combat this, I created a drill that will not only help you shift your weight correctly and sequence the golf downswing, but it’s fun too!

It’s called the Frisbee Drill and it’s one of our RotarySwing University Premium Videos that’s normally reserved only for RSU students. But, I want to share it with you today so take a look:

As you can see, with 3 different golf lesson students, I was able to produce radically more lag, and thus a much higher top speed, by just using a simple drill. By teaching you a simple way to move naturally with something that you’re already familiar with, like throwing a frisbee, you can produce insane speed in your golf swing!

That’s how RotarySwing University works. We teach you the true fundamentals of the golf swing in a step-by-step, easy to follow fashion that will get you the top swing speed you desire in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you’d like to learn more from RotarySwing University, consider enrolling today to the highest institute of learning for the golf swing! It will be the best thing you ever do for your golf swing!

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Chuck Quinton

is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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