How to Putt: What is the Proper Putting Grip? | 2022

One of the most important fundamentals often overlooked by golf professionals when teaching someone how to putt has to be the putting grip.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard someone ask: How do I grip my putter? Do I do it the same way as I grip the rest of my clubs? Do I just do whatever feels comfortable?

The answer to all the above is “no.”

When you began playing, you were taught how to grip a golf club a certain way, right? Hopefully, you were also told why you should grip it this way.

So why should the attention given to your putting grip be any different?

The Proper Putting Grip’s Hidden Benefits

  • Minimize the amount of wrist hinge and the manipulation you get with the hands and the wrists during the putting stroke.
  • Allow you to line up your body correctly. With the proper putting grip, you’ll be able to line up your forearms parallel to your hips, shoulders and feet.

Now that you know why this matters so much, here’s one of the primary lessons you’ll get from the new golf putting grip Premium video

The Key to Consistency Lies in the Palm of Your Hands

In this video I also will go over the importance of having your shaft and forearms lined up correctly.
In this video I also will go over the importance of having your shaft and forearms lined up correctly.

The main thing we want to do with the putting grip is allow it to run down our palms, instead of our fingers as we would with a full swing.

If you were to grab a club and take your normal full swing grip, you’d notice that the club is running down the fingers of both your left and right hands.

This is great in the full swing, because it allows you to hinge your wrists during the swing and get a lot of extra power and speed into the club head.

When learning how to putt however, we want to do the opposite. We want to get the grip in the palms in order to limit the involvement of the hands and wrists.


Show Your Friends Who’s the Boss of the Moss

In the rest of this Premium video, I’ll show you how to get your hands working together as a unit. We’ll also go over why it’s crucial to get the shaft angle of your putter to match your forearms.

Putting Consistency


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is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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