Golf Swing Leaks: Know How to increase Club Head Speed | Lag

Are you ready to really start feeling what effortless power is all about? Click HERE or the image below now and let’s add more lag for a BIG increase in speed!

adding lag to your golf swing

Lag is a key component in your swing for clubhead speed. But, why do so many amateur golfers struggle to produce lag? In video #4 of 4 in the perfecting your impact series, I’ll show you how to a simple drill that will show you how to start developing more lag for your swing than you ever thought was possible.

If you have taken the time to work through the other 3 videos in this series, then you are probably starting to get some really awesome control and compression on the golf ball, and if you’re like me, you absolutely love the feel of a perfectly solid shot!

Many students of the game find lag to be a pesky unattainable creature…believe me, producing lag is much easier than you would think. It’s all about how your prioritize your golf swing.

In the first 3 videos of this series, we started very slowly and isolated many of the normal moving parts in the swing to focus primarily on controlling the clubface and then gradually adding more moving parts, in a level of progression, to help add momentum and speed to the swing.

Time to reward your hard work with some additional leverage…

Keeping all of the components from the other videos in place, we are simply going to add a little more width to the swing and a little more cocking of your wrists. Again, this additional wrist movements need to be treated with care. The drill:

  • Shift your weight to start the takeaway and rotate until your shoulders are at 45 degrees.
  • Cock your wrists so the club shaft is parallel to the ground.
  • Continue to rotate and elevate your arms, with some right arm flexion until you lead arm is parallel to the ground.
  • Add more cocking of the wrist to bring the club shaft to a vertical position.
  • Keep the wrists supple and shift your weight into your lead side.
  • Allow the shift to increase the angle for lag and to pull the arms down.
  • Post up and release it with massive clubhead speed AND control!

Try it out, be patient and don’t be afraid to pump the brakes a bit and to go back and revisit the other videos in this series to keep all that hard work in line.

Good luck with your game! 

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