One Simple Golf Tip That Will Get You Into A Great Impact Position

New Video: Matt Every – Right Shoulder Drill
By Chris Tyler, Rotary Swing Director of Certification

RST student recently wrote in about the weekly tour videos…Todd A. – “You guys are the best, I just watched the James Hahn video and the recommended videos before I went to the range. WOW, what a difference in my impact. I haven’t hit the ball this solidly ever! Thanks”

Matt Every Golf Better Impact Position

Congrats to Matt Every for winning the Bay Hill Invitational for the 2nd straight year!

In this new video, I’ll show you a great way to use your lower body to motor your downswing and I’ll also show you a neat checkpoint for your trail shoulder at impact.

If you have struggled with being over the top or spinning your body through the hitting area, this simple checkpoint could be the key to your ball striking success!

how to hit the driver


Matt Every Golf PGA Tour player Impact Position

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