How To Hit a Golf Ball Above Your Feet? | 2022 Tips

New Video: Specialty Shots – Ball Above Your Feet
By Chris Tyler, Rotary Swing Director of Certification

RST student success from one of our recent specialty shot videos…Dave – Hole #15 at Ross Bridge on the RTJ trail, I used this technique for the first time. It works! Side note, my best striking round ever. RST made one of the top 10 longest courses very manageable!”

Golf ball above your feet

Our new series of specialty shot videos, shows you golfers at home simple and effective ways to attack and manage these shots on the course.

In this new video, I’ll show you a quick and easy way to handle a ball above your feet situation on the course. I’ll show you 2 quick and easy setup adjustments guaranteed to get you on the green and closer to the hole!

It’s time to start playing the best golf of your life and managing those tricky lies on the course just like the pros do!

Golf ball above your feet on the course

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