Golf Fitness Kit for RST


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Being strong and flexible never hurt anyone’s golf swing! If a sound fitness program is followed with the correct, RotarySwing golf swing fundamentals, your results will improve.

You’ll find yourself hitting the ball further with less effort, less soreness and help ward off injury.

This fitness kit contains the following:

Exercise guide, 4 elastic tubes, 2 handles, Ankle attachment,
Door attachment, Universal attachment/Yoga strap, Carry bag, YouTube link “Golf Fitness Kit Instructional Video”
It has been designed to improve: Strength, Flexibility
Core Stability and Balance – Key elements to improve golf game
and Prevent injuries.
Strength – The stronger the muscles the more support we have on the joints
Flexibility – The more flexible the muscles the more range of motion around the joints
Core Stability – Stronger core prevents injuries in the back
Balance – The more balanced you are the more stable you become and the more accurate you golf game will be 

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Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in


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