Eyeline Golf Impact Cube


Want to add a quick 10 yards to your shots and fix at least 4 common swing faults with one practice drill?

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One, it helps return your focus to the only point of the golf swing that really matters – impact. Two, it helps ingrain the proper sensations one should feel at impact. And three, it helps train you to use the bigger muscles in the golf swing to strike the ball.

Using the impact bag is also one of the best ways to “winterize” your swing for those of you living in cooler climates. You can get just as much quality practice time indoors working with an impact bag as you can from hitting one hundred balls on the range. Here are just a few key things that using the impact bag will help with:

1. Working with an impact bag and making 3/4 swings will help increase clubhead lag for golfers who tend to overswing and cast from the top. The impact bag helps return your focus to impact.

2. Working with the drills from the video will immediately help those who tend to cup their wrist through impact and hit with their hands.

3. Hitting the impact bag properly will help develop the sensation of keeping the arms passive and learning to aggressively hit with the body.

4. Once you learn how to use your body, you will be able to tap into increased power and compress the ball properly with less effort.

View Premium Member video drills using the Impact Bag:

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Master Your Impact Alignments

How to Practice Properly

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