Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer


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The Orange Whip Trainer

As seen in this RST golf instruction video below, the Orange Whip helps teach you the RST principles of creating, maintaining and releasing lag. Using this golf training aid, you can feel what it truly feels like to release the golf club like a pro and finally understand where speed really comes from in the golf swing.


Available in four different sizes: the Original is 47.5″ and is great for exaggerating the feeling of lag and the release, the 43.5″ is good for golfers of all sizes, the Compact is 35.5″ and is a great travel aid and good for limited spaces, and finally the Junior is 38″ but is the lightest of the four to make it easier for juniors to swing.


orange-whip-jr orange-whip-47 orange-whip-43 orange-whip-35 orange whip golf swing trainer

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Original – 47.5", Mid-Size – 43.5", Compact – 35.5", Junior – 38"


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