Rhythm in Golf | Great Balance and Rhythm, Your Swing “Glue”

Let's talk about a couple of things I like to call "swing glue."

They're what hold your golf swing together and allow you to hit great shots, even when your technique isn't perfect.  (And no one's technique is always perfect!)

Those two things are balance and rhythm in golf.

With great balance and great rhythm in the golf swing, we can get away with a lot!

We can make improper motions — not have the perfect angles with our arms, our elbows or our knees, or whatever we're working on — and still hit some fantastic shots.

Without good balance and rhythm in the golf swing, even if we have perfect technique, we're still gonna hit bad shots.

I'm not saying technique isn't important. It's incredibly important, but balance and rhythm in golf are equally important.

The idea is this: if we can put them all together, we're gonna be hard to beat. So, let's get started by covering some of the key points from our new Premium video, "Golf Swing Balance and Rhythm."

How You Find True Balance in the Golf Swing


Rhythm in Golf
Remember "Finding True Balance"? What we want to have in our golf swing is balance from our toes to our heels; we want it very centered.


The first thing we want to work on is finding balance from our toes to our heels in our golf swing. We want it to be very centered.

In the picture above, I'm finding balance in my body using a simple drill we talked about in the Finding True Balance in golf video.

To make the feeling even more obvious, I'm also using a $2 training aid that you'll find out more about when you watch this new video.

The center of gravity and the center of our balance should be somewhere between your ankle bone and a few inches forward of that. We'll call this the "green zone" as noted in the picture below.


Rhythm in Golf
The center of balance and the center of gravity should be somewhere between our ankle bone and a few inches forward of that. We'll call that the "green zone."


Now it will depend a little bit on your build  as to where your balance sits perfectly, but that's where you'll want to keep your weight distributed throughout the swing.

So How Does This Create Better Rhythm in The Golf Swing?


Rhythm in Golf
Once we know what true balance feels like, we can use this new awareness of what's going on in our feet to help us transfer our weight in a rhythmic fashion.


Let's talk about that big, important power producer that everyone seems to forget in their golf swing...weight transfer.

Once you're able to find true balance and gain a good awareness of what's going on in your shoes, not only will you be able to make a better weight transfer, but you'll be able to do it in a rhythmic fashion.

A Simple Drill for Rhythm

The big thing you want to focus on throughout your entire golf swing is that your weight starts centered, moves to the inside of your right foot in the backswing and then back to the center of your left foot in the downswing.

Don't forget you're also making sure it's balanced between heels and toes to help protect your knees in the golf swing.

Now, try making some swings without a golf ball, just focusing on really feeling your weight shift properly in the swing.  Forget about the club for a while and put your mind in your feet.

If you can do this drill very rhythmically, you'll be able to time up your swing and hit some great shots once you add the ball!

Here's What Else Great Balance and Rhythm Give You

The rest of this video is packed with more info on how balance and rhythm in golf can help you improve your golf swing. It will show you how to:

  • Get in a better position at the top of the backswing
  • Maintain posture in the downswing (This is a great one!)
  • Use my secret $2 training aid to help you fix multiple parts of your swing that are giving you problems


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Rhythm in Golf


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