Crack Your “Golf Swing Whip” for Greater Distance, No More Slicing

We’ve all been there.  You swing out of your shoes, and your buddies out drive you by 20 yards.

Enough! The embarrassment ends today!

In this week’s pro swing analysis (video below), I’ll show you how D.A. Points, like all pros, sequences his swing so well that he creates a golf swing “whip,” providing the effortless distance you crave.

This pro-level golf swing sequencing is like a chain reaction.

One part moves, then another takes over, and on and on until it results in a golf swing with whip-like action that tears the cover off the ball.

In this new D.A. Points swing analysis video below, we’re going to focus on cracking that whip. Plus, you get a BONUS preview of a Premium video that’ll help you get started!

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Video: D.A. Points Golf Swing Analysis

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Sequencing Starts with Your Hips

As you see below, D.A. Points is at the top of his backswing in a nice, loaded position.


D.A. Points Swing Analysis - Golf Swing Whip
Here’s D.A. Points at the top of his swing, where he’s about to start his powerful downswing sequence.


The first thing that triggers the sequencing:  his hips will start to open up and move toward the target.

With D.A. Points, as with most pros, the club is actually still moving backwards a bit as his hips start the downswing sequence.

But what you really need to notice in the video is that D.A.’s hips start relatively fast, then slow down.

That’s when the power in his swing transitions on to the next stage.

(Note: Lots of instructors tell you to continue ripping your hips open through impact. That’s NOT an efficient way to generate speed, and it will add unnecessary wear and tear on your body and back.)


D.A. Points Hips, golf swing whip, Swing Analysis
As you can see above, D.A. Points’ hips start the sequencing process.


Next Are Your Shoulders

As his hips slow down, you’ll notice that D.A. Points begins to unwind his shoulders, which are mostly pulled by his hip movement.

Like the hips, the shoulders also decelerate towards impact.

This occurs at each phase of the downswing!

If you understand this concept, you’re one step closer to creating your own golf swing whip.

So, now D.A. Points is loaded on his left side, and his shoulders have begun slowing down.  This triggers the next step.


D.A. Points swing analysis
The red line illustrates the power transitioning up his left leg and into the shoulders.


Now on to Your Arms

You can see where this is going.

As the shoulders slow down, you can see that D.A. Points’ arms start to speed up.

(You should really be seeing how the golf swing relates to a whip at this point.)

So, the arms are speeding up, but the club’s still along for the ride.

Next stop for the power transition is the money maker: the club.


D.A. Points Arms Sequence, swing analysis
Here we see D.A. Points’ power transition all the way to the arms. He’s about to let the club rip!


The Club’s Role in Your Golf Swing Whip

First the hips, then the shoulders and the arms, and now we see the club.

The above D.A. Points golf swing analysis shows us great sequencing, and now we can see how this has created some great lag for him.

His sequencing has put his club in such a good position that it’s like cracking a whip.

And this whip is why pros like D.A. Points effortlessly crush the ball. Now you can, too.


It’s Time for YOU to Sequence Like a Tour Pro

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Golf Swing Whip


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Chuck Quinton

is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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