Sand Shot Drill: How To Hit a Sand Shot in Golf | 2022 Tips

Setting up with and keeping the club face open throughout the golf swing is a critical component to a tour caliber sand shot. This is the number one area that I see most amateur golfers go wrong. At setup, the have the clubface setup as they would for a normal wedge shot. This setup doesn’t have enough loft on the club face to allow for an aggressive type swing that is needed to get the golf ball up in the air quickly enough to land softly on a green-side sand shot.

One Simple Swing Drill to End Your Fears of the Sand Shot

This one simple drill will have you hitting sand shots with no fear because it forces you to learn how to keep your clubface open throughout your swing. With an open club face you will have so much loft that you will need to make an aggressive swing to get the ball to go anywhere and that’s what you want to be able to feel on a sand shot. You won’t have the fear of hitting the golf ball too far and that is the number one cause of bad sand shots – not having enough loft at impact.

If you don’t have enough loft and you make a normal length backswing, the golf ball will go a mile when you’re only wanting to hit the ball a few yards. You sense this as you start coming down into impact and instinctively decelerate to avoid blasting the golf ball over the green and end up leaving the ball in the bunker. That is the worst feeling in golf and now you’re faced with an even more difficult sand shot as the ball is even closer to the pin and probably plugged in the face of the bunker!

But, with this one simple drill you will learn in this sand shot online golf instruction video, you’ll never fear a sand shot again! You’ll find hitting bunker shots so easy you may just start aiming for them!

Once you’ve finished watching this bunker shot tip, click here to learn how to hit tour caliber sand shots!

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