Jimmy Walker’s Golf Swing: Power and Stability (2022)

New Video: Jimmy Walker – Load up and rotate
By Chris Tyler, Rotary Swing Director of Certification

RST student recently wrote in… Leon C. – “RST has officially saved my golfing life. I was on the brink of quitting after battling with my swing for 20+ years. I am keeping my clubs and I am so excited to be back on the golf course”

Jimmy Walker PGA Tour player swing analysis

Congrats to Jimmy Walker for winning the 2015 Valero Texas Open by 4 shots. Walker is now 17th in driving distance on the PGA Tour at 301.4 yards.

In this new video, I’ll show you how important loading your trail leg in the golf swing is for stability and power.

You will learn some simple checkpoints for:
* Loading up your lower body first
* Stabilizing your hips
* Rotating properly into the backswing

These key areas of the golf swing are guaranteed to get you more efficient power than you ever dreamed of!

Jimmy Walker PGA Tour player swing analysis

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