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At times, the golf swing doesn’t seem very easy for a lot of golfers and a move as simple as the takeaway can seem impossible to get right. Matters are made far worse when you hear commentators on TV saying one thing, some goofball on the Golf Channel saying another, and yet another conflicting golf hint in a golf magazine.

It’s enough to make any golfer think that no simple fundamentals even exist for the golf swing, am I right?

Here’s a Hint – Golf Swing Mechanics Do Have Fundamentals

Saying that there are no common set of fundamentals for the golf swing reminds of me when Lee Trevino told Shooter McGavin, “Grizzly Adams DID have a beard” in the movie “Happy Gilmore.”

You can imagine me saying the same thing, “The golf swing DOES have simple fundamentals!”

When it comes to the takeaway in the golf swing, we have a few requirements that need to be met:

  • The golf club needs to work up on plane
  • The body needs to be rotating
  • The body needs to stay fairly centered

There are many more pieces that we could discuss, but these three golf swing fundamentals for the takeaway will be plenty to discuss in this article. Most importantly, these three fundamentals are simple golf swing mechanics that most amateurs never get right and they can all be achieved with one very easy move.

The Takeaway in One Move

If told you that you could essentially focus on one part of your body, move nothing but this one area and have a perfect, simple takeaway, “would that be something you’d be interested in?” (Nod to the HBO show “Entourage” there…)

Of course you would!

This one simple move has helped over 50,000 golfers around the world learn a takeaway that looks better than most touring pros!

Just how effective is this one simple move? Here’s a Rotary Swing takeaway review that helped this golfer shoot his best score ever after only watching this one video!

“My game lacks consistency, yet after just watching the first videos on the takeaway I went from my previous round that had 6 holes with triple bogey or worse to a new round with no triples and only 2 double. Score was 90. My best round ever.”

-Kent M. | Jun 3, 2012 | Post Falls, Idaho | 26 hdcp

If it worked this fast for a 26 handicapper, what will it do for your golf swing? Golf hints don’t work, but this takeaway fundamental DOES!

So, what is this one “secret” move? Watch this simple golf swing video on the takeaway to find out!

simple golf swing takeaway

Chuck Quinton

is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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