How To Stop The Chicken Wing? – Fix in Just 3 Steps (2022)

The dreaded “chicken wing.”

It’s a persistent problem for many golfers, causing inconsistency and loss of distance.

Here’s the thing… it’s easier to fix than you think.

In this article that walks you through our most recent Premium video, I’ll show you the main cause of the chicken wing and a 3-step drill that will help you cure your chicken wing golf swing once and for all.

What’s Causing Your Chicken Wing

You might be surprised to hear that one of the main causes of the chicken wing is also the cause of other swing issues as well.

So what is this nasty swing devil?   It’s your right arm!

In addition to causing the chicken wing, an overly aggressive right arm (and right wrist) may cause an over-the-top slice and may also cause you to lose a ton of lag by casting the club.

So, when you fix your chicken wing with the drills that I show you, you’ll also tackle some other killer swing problems.

chicken wing
Here I demonstrate how the left arm gets dominated by the right arm, causing a “chicken wing.”


In the pic above, the right arm is way too aggressive, which puts the left arm in a spot where it has nowhere to go but to buckle into a chicken wing.

There’s no room for the left arm to swing through because the right arm has taken over.

So if your arms are quickly getting pushed to the left on your follow through, and you’re not getting a full extension, it’s most likely due to your right arm dominating your left arm.

Now it’s time for me to show you my 3-step drill that will help you fix your chicken wing.

Step 1 of the Long Arms Drill

The goal of this drill is to get you to fully extend your arms through impact.

This will help you fully release your club for increased speed.

In this first step, I want you to use your left arm only.


As you can see in the pic below, there’s a stick on the ground to line up the feet and a stick in the ground about 4 feet in front.  This will help you keep your left arm from crossing over to the left.

Long Arm Drill
Step 1: Using your left arm only, make a small swing without crossing left of the stick in front of you.


Make a short swing just with your left arm, and make sure you don’t cross left of the stick.

Also, fully extend your left arm on the follow through, keeping your swing below the waist for this step of the drill.

What you’re doing here is training your left arm to swing through fully extended without any interference from your right arm.

While you’re performing this drill, make sure to stay in your posture and make sure your shoulders are square at impact.  Do about 50 reps with this drill.

Step 2: Bring Back Your Right Arm (Lightly)

You’re not ready to add back your right arm fully just yet.  Remember, your right arm’s the troublemaker.

But in step 2, I want you to bring your right arm back with a light grip.

Make some swings similar to Step 1, but this time start with your right hand lightly gripping your club and let your right hand fall off at impact.

So your right hand stays near the impact position while your left arm continues on with the follow through.  It will look like the pic below.

long arm drill
Let your right hand fall off near the impact position.


Again, try to put in about 50 reps, making sure your posture is consistent and your shoulders are square at impact.

Step 3: Using Both Arms

For the final step, I want you to use your right arm for the entire drill.

By now, you should be starting to lose the feeling of an overly active right arm, and you can reintroduce your right arm back into your swing.

Continue building upon what you practiced in the previous steps.

As you swing through impact, your left arm will be more dominant, and it will be easier for you to keep your club to the right of the stick.

The major difference with this step is that since your right arm is swinging through, your shoulders will be forced to rotate on your follow through, as shown below.

Long Arm Drill
Here you see that the right arm on the follow through forces the shoulders to rotate.


Do some more reps with your right hand attached.

At this point, you should be starting to kick your old chicken wing habit and fully releasing your arms like the pic below.

long arm drill
No more “chicken wing.” Here the arms are fully extended!


Your arms should be fully extended on your follow through, and your consistency and distance will come back in a hurry!

Now you need to start building your perfect swing with more drills like this one.

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