Golf Made Really Simple – Stop Fighting With Your Swing

What if I told you a secret that would allow you to play better golf on the course round after round? What if I told you I have a simple way of keeping you from fighting with your golf swing that you have deemed to be worthless?

A bad day on the course will make you blood boil, and pretty much leave you questioning yourself why you even play this stupid game! Trust me when I tell you that you are not the only person to ever have these thoughts.  golf made easy

I have played a lot of golf over the years and at a pretty high level and I can tell you this…there is no substitute in the world for playing golf tension free when on the course. There are very few rounds that I can remember, where I felt a peace with my golf swing. I found that I was in a constant battle and always searching for a “quick fix” or a “quick tip” before I hit my next shot 30 yards off line. Until I realized the most important part the way our bodies learn movement patterns.

Learning a movement pattern is a biological process that unfortunately, none of us have control over as much as we want to kick it into high gear.

Yep, this was the groundbreaking moment for me on the course. But, what does it mean?

Simply put, we cannot change our golf swing on the fly. Sure, you can manipulate it a bit, but that is where things will start to go downhill.

Let me explain, the person that you brought to the dance is the one you are stuck with. Just like the swing that you brought to the course that day is the one that you are going to have to use for 18 holes. If you try and change your swing on the fly, you are going to start to get more and more tense and you will find yourself inconsistent and lost on the course.

Until now, check out a this simple drill that will show you how to prepare yourself before each shot, just like the PGA Tour pros do…

Have A Game Plan Before You Get To The Golf Course…

Many of us golfing nuts spend hour after hour working on our golf swings. It’s addictive and we are always looking for that magic pill that is going to solve world problems on the course for you. However, are you practicing the right way and are you preparing yourself properly for the next time you tee it up?

Earlier, I said learning a new movement pattern is a biological process which is exactly the way you have to approach your swing changes. The only way to construct and ingrain a new golf swing move, is through repetition, and lots of them.

The rule of thumb for ingraining a new movement pattern is to make sure your repetitions are done slowly and perfectly at first and then slowly start to ramp your speed up, with the end goal of 3000-5000 total reps. Each one of your practice or drill sessions, need to be revolved around 100-300 reps. I know this sounds tedious but it is just the way the brain takes and learns things.

Note: Do not try to take on huge pieces of the swing and try to correct them all at once. Break the swing into pieces and work on one thing at a time. This is the quickest way to get you to your end goal. 

Once you have started the process of changing your swing, it is best to stay FULLY committed to the change at hand when you get to the course. This can be the hardest and most frustrating part of the process because often times, we do not see these awesome, immediate results we are looking for.

Trusting your swing is hard to do and even more so when we are in a transitional period. This simple yet extremely effective drill has helped many playing professionals overcome the issue of fighting with their swings while on the course. Try it out, see for yourself that you can hit good golf shots when you are finally at peace with your swing!

Check out this great video on re-shaping your swing for lag and start building the swing of your dreams and more importantly, making it work for you on the course! Good luck on your game!

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