Power Up Your Golf Swing With Legs – Easy Tips (2022)

New Video: J.B. Holmes vs. Brittany Lincicome
By Chris Tyler, Rotary Swing Director of Certification

J.B. Holmes golf swing

Congrats to both J.B. Holmes and Brittany Lincicome for their playoff victories at the Shell Houston Open and the ANA Inspiration Championships.

J.B. and Brittany are among the longest players on their respective tours. In this new video, I’ll show you an extremely important lower body move that both players use to smash their drivers off the tee.

Learn how to put more power in your golf swing by using your legs the right way. I’ll show you 4 awesome premium videos that will teach you how to make this key move just like the pros!

If you want more power, then you must use your legs like J.B. and Brittany.

I have flown all over the country taking lessons from some of the biggest names in golf. I would have a little progress only to regress again and again after trying the instructor’s random golf swing tips. A few weeks ago I discovered your videos and signed up for the premium package. Today I shot 75 with two double bogeys! I am 53 years old and was averaging about 250 off the tee. Today I didn’t hit anything less than 275 and actually drove past the green on a short 295 yard par four.”  – Joe N. Premium Member

Brittany Lincicome golf swing

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