The perfect golf training aid to develop your RotarySwing! Helps with the backswing and downswing!

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Hands down, this is our most useful and popular training aid – we’ve sold THOUSANDS of these over the years and everyone loves them!

It works because it’s simple and is teaching you how to move your body correctly, not just position the club.

Training aids like this are rare and actually produce results when you stop using the training aid, unlike most training aids that only help you while you’re actually using it.

One of the most common faults for all RST’ers is the tendency to let the right arm drift away from the body at the top of the swing. Typically, this starts very early in the swing during the takeaway. By the time the golfer gets to the top, their right arm has completely flown away from the body leading to a very disconnected position that tends to lead to a “stuck” position during the downswing. This dreadful position can be resolved through proper training and now through using the RotaryConnect.

The RotaryConnect forces the arms to stay evenly spaced throughout the swing, especially at the top and can actually be used while hitting balls. It is fully adjustable for most any body type.

When you’re ready to get “connected” and finally master the RST backswing, turn to the only authorized RST training aid on the market – RotaryConnect.

Very simple to use, simply slips over your arms and stays securely in place. Works GREAT for putting and chipping as well!

Instructional Videos on How to Use the RotaryConnect

How the RotaryConnect will help your Lower Body Movements

The RotaryConnect will help dramatically improve your chipping and pitching as well!


Backswing Drills

Lower Body Drills

NOTE! If you are overly aggressive with your lower body as in the Lower Body Drill below, you CAN and WILL break the device! If you think you’re a hip spinner, start out with very slow, short shots and see if the device is really knocking you off balance. If it is, you won’t want to go full speed yet until you gain control over your legs and hips or you will break it!

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