The Best and Fastest Way to Lower Your Handicap in Golf Today

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rst success1
RST student showing his “before” backswing picture with his right elbow behind the body and in a flat position
rst success2
RST student showing his “after” results with his right elbow no longer trapped behind him and a higher hand position










In this article, I’m going to take you on a journey where an RST student set out to lower his handicap and joined instructor Clay Ballard’s online learning group.

The 5 key steps that YOU have to take to swing better and lower your handicap

  • Identify the problem
  • Find the solution
  • Make it look good on camera
  • Ingrain
  • Results

What is the problem with you?

This first step of the journey was to see the golf swing from 2 different angles, down the line and face on. Picking out your own problems can very difficult, and having your swing videos reviewed by an RST instructor to uncover the real issues in your game is crucial to your success.

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Two faults that lead to destruction of power and consistency were identified in the RST student. The first issue was in the takeaway. The student whipped the club back flat and behind his body very early, as shown in the photo below.

rst success3
RST student showing his inside takeaway on the left and his much more powerful takeaway on the right

This will cause the student to have to reroute the club at the top of the swing, leading to the dreaded “over the top move.”

The second issue in this student’s swing was that he had a severe casting motion of the club, causing him to lose tons of club head speed.

Mapping out a solution

Now that the student’s issues were pinpointed, it was time to lay out a plan of attack.

In order for the RST student to cure the issues, it was imperative that the club and hands were out in front of his body during the takeaway.

Also, the reshaping of his golf swing took him from a “narrow-wide-narrow” swing to a “wide-narrow-wide” swing shape. This mentality will allow the student to create a much larger swing arc and then generate power not only into impact but into the release and finish of the golf swing.

RST instructor Clay Ballard laid out this plan and began to have the student work on drills found in the Premium video section. The shoulder blade glide video would be first up, and the correction process was well under way.

Show yourself the goods on the camera and then show it off!

rst success5
RST student showing tons of lag on camera

During the rebuild process, you are asked when drilling to make your move look good on camera. This allows you to see if the change you are working on is correct and allows you to feel the differences in what you are used to.

The photo to the right shows the student making the lag and release drill look perfect on camera. Notice that he has his hands almost covering his right leg, and the club is in an awesome lag position, ready to be released with great power.

Also notice in the picture below that after drilling wide-narrow-wide he was able to rid himself of the dreaded “chicken wing.”

Looking great on camera!

rst success6
RST student curing his chicken wing with new swing shape “wide-narrow-wide”

Time to ingrain in the brain and make it natural

Once you have it looking perfect on camera, you must now drill the movements.

In order for a change to become part of your natural movement, you need to accomplish in the ballpark of 3000-5000 perfect reps. These reps will create a pathway and ensure your success is fully ingrained.

Each practice session, you want to aim for 100+ perfect reps. Do them slowly at first and make sure that you are allowing your mind and body feel the changes.

Results ALWAYS speak for themselves

It is no secret that golf is a difficult sport. When you finally shoot that score you have set out to beat and you see your lower handicap, you’ll truly feel accomplished, just as our RST student did here!

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