5 Minutes to Increase Club Head Speed! The Key: Shift Your Weight Early

Are you ready for a simple solution to maximize your club head speed?

As golfers, we all love the term “simple solution!”

In this article, I highlight the information just released in our recent Premium video “Start Downswing Before Completing Backswing.”

One of the many amazing parts of the human body is the energy that we can create with it when trained properly.

A simple shift drill created at the RST lab helped Clay Ballard increase is driver club head speed from 113mph to 127mph.

Sounds crazy right?

Well let’s do this…I will show you the drill. You practice it and then report back if you are not swinging the club with more power consistently. Ok…Deal!

You have to be early to your shift or YOU are late!!!

Often times golfers are really late in the timing of their wight shift, causing the lower body to remain not so aggressive into impact.

Believe it or not, the weight shift over to the left side happens before the completion of the backswing. This shift allows us to post up and pull with those God-given big muscles.

Time to learn the drill…

With good posture, stand with your feet about 1 inch apart as shown here.

rst power1
Clay Ballard starting the weight shift power drill with his feet 1 inch apart



Next, start your takeaway, lift you left foot off the ground and begin to step away from your right foot

rst power2
During the takeaway, Clay Ballad lifts his foot and starts the process of shifting into the left side


Plant your lead foot into your proper stance width and sit into your left side before the golf club has reached the top of the backswing.  Make sure that you are in neutral joint alignment when doing so.

rst power3
Clay Ballard stepping into proper stance width and loading the left side before completing the backswing


Finally, allow the club to swing in front of you all the way to your finish position and feel the power that you have generated.

rst power4
At impact, Clay Ballard unloads all of the energy that he created by loading the left side


That’s it! You have now learned the importance of shifting your weight into the left side before the completion of the backswing. Loading into your left side and using the ground to leverage power will increase your swing speed astronomically.

Now, it’s time that you get serious and power your golf swing the correct way. Quit being overworked with less than impressive results.

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