Golf Swing Tips: Shift Your Weight To Create More Power (2022)

Weight shift can be your power-packing punch in the golf swing and provide stability if done correctly.

In this article that recaps one of our recent Premium video releases, I am going to show you how to fix your weight shift in your golf swing to put the power back in your game!

Common faults leading to bad weight shift!

Most of the faults in improper weight shift can lead to pain or injury of your body. Identifying your problems and correcting them will allow you to preserve the joints.

weight shift fault 1
Clay Ballard shifting his left hip past neutral joint alignment, putting unwanted stress on the hip



One of the most common injury-leading faults golfers make is shifting the left hip past neutral joint alignment. This tough-to-cure move puts stress and wear on the outer portion of the hip and is killer for leveraging power from the ground.



weight shift fault 2
Clay Ballard showing no axis tilt at address and how it can affect weight shift




The stacking of the spine in your address or setup position will not allow you to properly load into the right leg during the takeaway. It can cause your spine to bend towards your target and put great pressure on the lower back.




weight shift fault 3
Clay showing what a stacked left side during the backswing can look like




In relation to stacking of the spine, some golfers also try to stack their weight onto the left side during the takeaway and into the backswing, causing some nasty power loss and forcing the upper body to shift towards the back foot at impact. This is also known as a reverse pivot.




weight shift right hip line
Using the SwingViewer, you can draw the right hip line and check for proper weight shift

Time to analyze your own swing if you are serious!

How can YOU determine if you have the correct weight shift?

As a Premium Member of, you have access to the SwingViewer. With this tool, you can upload a video of your swing and draw the line I demonstrate here, up the right hip.

If you notice your hip passing this line OR moving away from this line during your takeaway or any part of your backswing, then chances are you’re not shifting your weight properly, which means you’re robbing yourself of much needed power in your game.

It’s time to fix this shift once and for all…

Ok, so we have covered some of the common faults, and then we covered how to look at our own business. Now let’s get to the “fixing” already!

Here is what we need to focus on…

In the SwingViewer, draw 2 lines up from the center of the ankles and a line for spine angle (axis tilt) as seen below.

weight shift fix pic
Clay Ballard showing the 3 lines you can use while reviewing your swing for proper weight shift


Ensure you maintain the right hip line into the backswing, then stop and see yourself at impact to make sure you’re in proper neutral joint alignment.

Do this on camera and drill, drill, drill once you have it correct.

Easy as that! Weight shift, as common of a mistake as it is, can be just as easy to fix. Make sure that you have perfected the setup with proper axis tilt, which can be found in the Premium video section before you start the correction of your weight shift.

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