Golf Basics: Fundamentals of The Swing Plane (2022)

Hey guys, Chuck Quinton here, founder of Rotary Swing Golf. Over the years I've stirred up quite the commotion going against the grain of typical golf instruction and I'm going to do it a little bit more today. I'm probably going to make some people mad, and I may really blow your mind the way you think about the golf swing, because I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Rotary Swing is the only truly fact based fundamentals approach to the golf swing, and what do I mean by that when I say fundamentals?

Well, it starts with defining what a fundamental really is. Everybody talks about fundamentals, Hogan talked about the fundamentals in his book, everybody says they teach golf swing fundamentals, and just learning common sense anything that you learn in life, you focus on the fundamentals first and so with golf of course it should be no different, but most people aren't teaching you fundamentals, and most people don't even know what a fundamental really is when it comes to a golf swing fundamental, and that's what I'm going to challenge you to think about today.

So first, what is a fundamental? By definition, not my definition I didn't make this up but by Webster's definition, a fundamental must be primary, it must be the origin, it must be central, and it must be absolute. Sorry I've broken this hand I can't get all my fingers to work properly. So by definition, primary, central, origin and absolute. The antonyms of what a fundamental are, secondary, consequential, peripheral and dependent. So, think about it for a second, tell me, since you're a serious golfer and you're working on your golf swing, what fundamentals that meet the definition of a true fundamental are you working on in your golf swing? Because, if you're serious about improving you have to master the fundamentals first. You know this, I know this, but most people don't know what a fundamental is and it can't meet the definition of a fundamental if it doesn't meet the four criteria I just gave you.

I'm going to blow your mind for a second and tell you something that you think is a fundamental but really, by definition it isn't. Swing plane. Swing plane by its very definition cannot be a fundamental of the golf swing. Sounds weird right? But this is how Rotary Swing looks at the golf swing. We look at things from an objective, analytical, inside out perspective and we're not saying the swing plane isn't important, because it very much is important, but it's how you create a proper swing plane that separates Rotary Swing instruction from other golf instruction out there.

So, by definition lets look at what swing plane is. It's happening in the periphery, in the outside source of what's going on, it's absolutely not at the center, which is by definition what a fundamental has to be, so it doesn't meet a criteria of being central, it's also completely dependent, again another antonym of fundamental, it's dependent on what you do with your body. If your body turns a certain way that's going to dictate what is happening with the swing plane. You don't create a swing plane, and you don't fix or work on your swing plane by trying to fix swing plane, you fix the fundamentals that affect swing plane, because swing plane, another antonym here, is consequential of what you do with your arms, with your body, how you set up, how you move your wrist. So by its very definition swing plane meets all the criteria for being an antonym of fundamental, and therefore by its sheer definition it cannot be a fundamental of the golf swing.

So how would Rotary Swing go and fix your swing plane? Well, there's lots of little ways, but we're going to focus on the stuff that's central and it's absolute, it's the origin of movement. That's what's going to dictate how you fix your swing plane. So if I have a golfer who's swinging way over the top, I'm going to look at it from what his body's doing. How is his body creating these movements that's fixing or screwing up the swing plane and making it steep and over the top. He's doing things with his body or his spine angle, I'm going to start from the center first, because again, we're going to start with the absolute origin central part that's dictating what's going wrong with the golf swing here. So, typically when I see a golfer do this, and they're swinging over the top, well guess what's happening at the center of their body? Their spine angle is moving this way, and that's shifting the swing plane and making them swing over the top. This is at the center, it's the origin of that movement.

So when you're trying to fix a problem, fix the problem, don't fix the symptom, swing plane is a symptom of incorrect movement from the center. So when you're tired of conflicting golf tips and random different thoughts, and people throwing different crazy ideas out there and, "Hey try this." And, "Tweak your grip like this." And, "That will fix that." And you really want to get down to the nuts and bolts and really fix your golf swing, and you want to fix fundamentals, go to the only golf's instruction school out there that you're going to find, that actually works on what fundamentals really are, by its sheer definition you're going to learn the facts when you join and it's completely free.

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is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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