Strong Grip Effects: Boo Weekley’s Swing in Texas

Hi guys, “The Lag Doctor” Clay Ballard here. After four years without a victory, Boo Weekly won his third Plaid jacket, this time in Texas.

Glad to see Boo back in the winner’s circle, as he’s certainly one of the most entertaining and funny guys on tour. Here’s an analysis of Boo Weekley’s swing compared with Tiger’s…

Video: Boo Weekley Golf Swing Analysis


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Strong or Neutral Grip

This week we want to look at a comparison of Boo’s ‘Strong’ grip and Tiger’s ‘Neutral’ grip to explain and answer some questions that you may have if you are hooking the ball, and/or simply want to add more speed to your swing.

golf swing strong grip
Boo’s grip is rotated to the right and cupped while Tigers’s grip is neutral and his left wrist flat.


Boo’s grip is rotated substantially to his right, and the ‘V’s’ in his hands point up and outside of his right arm.  Compare the address positions and you see that Tiger’s hands are set neutral. His left hand is flat, and the ‘V’s’ formed point between his ear and right arm.

This affects the downswing and delivery of the club through impact.  Boo’s left hand is still cupped on the downswing. Tiger’s left hand is flat.

Rotation = Speed

Because of the cupped position, Boo must hang on through impact. Tiger is able to aggressively rotate the club face through impact, which increases speed. This helps to explain why Tiger’s a longer hitter than Boo.

golf grip and impact
Tiger’s flat left wrist allows him to aggressively rotate through impact


If you want to increase and gain club head speed and distance, you may want to consider changing to a more neutral grip, which will allow you to rotate the club more aggressively like Tiger.

Lag and Release

I want to clarify that Boo does have a good quality golf swing release, especially when we look at the angles and leverage he has and how he releases those angles through to full extension. These are qualities that all great ball strikers share and help them to hit the ball long and powerfully.

how grip affects golf swing lag
Boo does maintain quality lag.
grip the club properly to release it powerfully
Full extension is a powerful trait of great ball strikers.

If You Want to Gain Speed and Distance…

  • Consider a Neutral Grip
  • Neutral Grip allows naturally aggressive club face rotation
  • Lag is the “Secret to Golf”
  • Full extension provides power

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