How to Sequence Your Golf Downswing Like the Pros

Tweet Well, we dive into this lesson. I wanted to do a quick intro to show you what we’re really

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How to Predict and Prevent Golf Back Pain Using Force Plates

Tweet So first we have to look at vertical force in a really simple way. And then I want to

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Is the Golf Swing Left or Right Arm Dominant?

TweetHave you ever heard that the golf swing is lead arm/side dominant? Have you also heard that it is trail

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How to Prevent Golfers Elbow

TweetGolfer’s elbow often presents itself in the form of tendinitis or the tendon actually tearing itself away from the bone.

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Erik Kaplan of Axys Golf Reverses Story, Admits to Using RotarySwing for Own Benefit

TweetIn a signed affidavit, Erik Kaplan was forced to reverse his story and admitted to using RotarySwing’s proprietary teaching system

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How to Become a GREAT Putter

TweetI doubt many golfers have hit as many greens as I have in tournaments over the year and still managed

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Your Secret Weapon to Golfing Success – Failure

TweetI’m going to talk about a subject that I know will make many of you a little uncomfortable today, but

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Make Your Golf Game EXPLOSIVE with C4!

TweetCan I ask you a question? What are the 3 or 4 most important things to you in your golf

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The BEST Golf Tip You’ll Ever Hear…

TweetBelow is a transcript of this podcast you can listen to here: Hey guys, Chuck Quinton here, founder of

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How to Instantly Recover After a Bad Golf Shot

TweetHow many times have you been cruising along in a solid round of golf, to all of a sudden hit

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